ET Cut – My DVR-MS Cutter for Vista Media Center

    I used to use a program called dCut in Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) to cut segments from DVR-MS files, and then use DVRMSToolbox to convert DVR-MS files into MPG or WMV format. But dCut doesn’t work in Vista Media Center. Besides, dCut cannot combine several segments into one file. ( I usaually dig out hidden DVR-MS files from Recorded TV\TempSBE while I see some interesting advertisement. Unfortunately sometimes the ad is splitted into two files. )
    ET Cut is a program runs in Vista Media Center which can combine any amount of segments from any amount of DVR-MS files into a new file.
Installation and Uninstallation:
  • Right click on the Setup.exe and choose "Run as administrator".



  • Online Media -> Program Library -> ET Cut


Known Issue: 

  • After a video ends or changing video, the program hangs several seconds.
  • Ugly UI.
  • On some computers, the UI doesn’t show.


Change Log:


  • CHG: Directory browsing UI improvement.
  • CHG: Program architecture refinement.


  • NEW: Customizable source/destination directory.  


To Do:

To generate output asynchronously. So you can do something else while the program is generating the output.


P.S. You can also take a look at Olcay‘s TV Toolbox.

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6 Responses to ET Cut – My DVR-MS Cutter for Vista Media Center

  1. Roc 說道:

    When I try running the program within Vista, I keep getting a "Program Not Responding" error.  Any suggestion on how to fix that?  I followed the directions when installing it.

  2. Eric 說道:

    If you are willing to try a debug version to help me find out what the problem is, please contact me by e-mail.
    erictsai at erictsai . tw

  3. Matt 說道:

    after installing and going to program library, i click on ETcut and get an "invalid application" message…what am i doing wrong???

  4. Eric 說道:

    For v0.2, please make sure you have run cmd.exe as administrator (as written in readme.txt).
    For v0.3, you have to right click on setup.exe and choose "Run as administrator".
    Otherwise ETcut.dll can\’t be placed in the required location.

  5. Wilbert 說道:

    Can this programm also automatic skip commercials?

  6. Eric 說道:

    No, you have to cut commercials by yourself.


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